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Why trade shows are still an important marketing tool: Reason 1 – THEY SAVE YOU MONEY

//Why trade shows are still an important marketing tool: Reason 1 – THEY SAVE YOU MONEY

An enduring question of the MICE industry is whether participation in a B2B trade show has a return? With buyer data now widely available on the Internet or through social networks, one might think that just a little bit of research and work by an organising team can allow for an offer be sent off and the confirmation of it to be waited for.

Thinking like this on either side, however, would be an expensive and risky gamble, unless, of course, you have a large team of skilled marketers at your disposal. Even with this as the case, there are only a handful of us out there who are considering the real value of sales contacts. To do this, we must first of all ask ourselves what exactly is a real sales contact? These are the contacts with a high probability of sealing business and with a high possibility of sales of your specific services. It is necessary that they are carefully examined against strict criteria by B2B event organisers, from which it can instantly be discerned that the matter is being addressed seriously and that concrete measures of added value are being sought.

In short, a good organiser separates out the wheat from the chaff for you, and in so doing saves you a lot of money. For this he or she has a range of tools at his or her disposal, from the classic direct mail to the most sophisticated social media campaigns and their own sales acquisition information. The ultimate power is held in using different channels, which combined with a strong brand ensures successfully securing the best sales contacts. From this recipe for success, the stronger the brand, the greater the possibility of mutual success, and especially when this brand is a trusted partner representing an entire region in an equal and fair manner that can also save buyers’ time and investment in discovering new destinations and practical solutions.

Verified, logically developed and systematically supported processes and tools for collecting data on potential customers set cutting-edge B2B events apart from the norm. Knowing the target groups and user experience in conjunction with the measurement of results and a full analysis provides a high level of added value on top. We offer you all of this and much, much more.

Added value of the Conventa trade show:
COST PER LEAD: Average cost of sales contacts calculated based on six years of implementation of the project is €15 per contact.
RESULT: Conventa guarantees at every trade show a minimum of 250 sales contacts, which is equivalent to a €3,250 investment.
IMPACT: Conventa is the only trade show that provides every exhibitor with a complete database of participating Hosted Buyers. Through this you can greatly increase the potential for further conversion of potential contacts into genuine buyers of your congress services.

About the author:
Gorazd Čad is a veteran convention tourism addict. Founder and owner of the marketing and congress agency TOLERANCA MARKETING, he has numerous years of experience in the planning, preparation and execution of major international trade shows and fairs. Having started his career in Cankarjev dom, where he project-led on fairs such as Infos, Kapital, Bits & Fun, Slovenian Wine Festival and many others, work in his private capacity has given him a long and multi-faceted experience of developing B2B trade shows, the most noteworthy of these being Conventa, Space, Natour and Hot-Rest.
B2B selling solutions sit at the heart of the action of his work and are the key specialisation with proven added value and measurable results.