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From the congress calendar


Photo credits: Hrvoje Serdar

Along with the unique atmosphere, Dubrovnik also boasts outstanding convention infrastructure and quality staff. That is why its congressional calendar is filled to the brim. 

This year’s intense congressional activity in Dubrovnik is characterized by a rich calendar of events, some of them being The Tenth ISABS Conference on Forensic and Anthropologic Genetics and Mayo Clinic Lectures in Individualized Medicine’,

Lifestyle: Dubrovnik at the table

Photo credits: Maja Danica Pečanić

As in any other way, Dubrovnik is outstanding at the table as well: the sky is the limit! (more)

There are numerous ways to get to know the City, its culture and lifestyle. Some will choose to have a cup of coffee on Stradun, the most important street in the City,

From the Convention Calendar


Photo credits: Matija Špelić

Many international associations have marked Zagreb in their events calendar for this and coming years; we mention but a few.

Every year, Croatia’s capital hosts a large number of gatherings for Croatian and international associations, and we are highlighting some of them here. For example,

Zagreb’s historical locations: for memorable events


Photo credits: Ivo Biočina

If you are looking to organise receptions or gatherings in a special ambiance that will provoke an emotional reaction in the participants, opt for exclusive historical locations.

Every convention, small gathering or reception is a sort of an escape from the humdrum, an opportunity to meet new people or renew contact with old acquaintances in different surroundings,

Incentives in Zagreb


Photo credits: Damir Fabijanić

Zagreb and its surrounding area are a rich source of stories and curiosities, creatively translated into imaginative incentives based on the past and present of the city, its people and its lifestyle.

The romantic Upper Town, the dynamic Lower Town with its parks that paint the squares in colours of the trees and the flowers,


Martina Bienenfeld, MSc, Zagreb Tourist Board CEO


Photo credits: Sanjin Strukič, Piksell

Croatia’s capital Zagreb has, in recent years, seen a steady growth in overnight stays and received many compliments on its atmosphere, attractive events, excellent cuisine, shopping and safety. This, as well as Zagreb’s good traffic connections, vicinity and excellent value for money, has been recognised by business people who now choose Europe’s newest metropolis as the location for their conventions and increasingly popular incentive meetings.



Photo credits: Marko Vrdoljak

More than 170 years of tradition in tourism, accessibility and developed infrastructure are only a few of the advantages of the congress offer in Opatija. That, however, is only the beginning of Opatija’s successful congress story…

The story of Opatija, one of the most important centres of business tourism in Croatia,

GORAN PAVLOVIĆ, Opatija Tourist Board


Photo credits: Kongres Magazine

Great congress infrastructure, highly capable and creative staff and spectacular surroundings are some of the features of congresses held in Opatija, an ideal mixture of business, beauty, rich offer and attractive lifestyle.

Conferences are increasingly moving from traditional halls to new venues – parks, cultural institutions and such.



Photo credits: Ivo Biočina

Rich history and dynamic daily life are a starting point for various interesting incentive and team building programmes. Some stories have already been told, and others may be waiting just for you.

A town with such a long tradition, numerous landmarks and stunning architecture, but also attractive surroundings,

MICE in Croatia – Professional, creative, innovative

Photo credits Zagreb: Davor Rostuhar
Photo credits Opatija: Marko Vrdoljak
Photo credits Dubrovnik: Boris Kačan

MICE in Croatia has confirmed its quality, professionalism and creativity in hosting many international, business and other meetings. However, new trends bring with them new challenges…

The Croatian Tourism Development Strategy to 2020 is a national document identifying the most important tasks for the future of this sector,