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5 likes and 5 dislikes about B2B events

Face to face approach is the key to success in B2B events

The key to a successful B2B event is as simple as getting face-to-face to your prospects. Well, we say simple, but the truth is, that holding an event that is highly effective and hits all the right buttons can be anything but.

There are many formats of B2B events to organize, but the best two types are still In-person events and Online events such as Webinars and Live-streaming.

Positive Comments About Conventa From The Exhibitors

Conventa is the right place to create business with New Europe and Central Europe regions

At this years Conventa we asked our participants from both sides, the 130 exhibitors from New Europe and the 290 hosted-buyers from 48 countries from around the world, to complete a survey about their satisfaction with the event. One of the questions in the survey was also “If you were satisfied with the trade show,

10 Let Uspehov Convente

Stičišče znanja in dobrih praks

Konec januarja bo v Ljubljani potekala jubilejna 10. poslovna borza Conventa.

Praznovanje jubileja bo zaznamoval živahen program dogodkov in doživetij, spomnili pa se bomo tudi ključnih dosežkov projekta.

– desetletje odkrivamo nove lokacije za organizacijo dogodkov
– izobražujemo
– povezujemo
– razkrivamo nove trende
– pokažemo primere dobre prakse

Zakaj je Conventa postala najpomembnejši dogodek za organizatorje poslovnih dogodkov v regiji?

10. Obletnica Convente – Pogumno Skupaj Naprej

Obletnice so priložnost za trezen razmislek o tem, kaj smo naredili, kam smo prišli in ali so se zaradi našega projekta zgodile spremembe.

Moje osebno razmišljanje je naprej usmerjeno v dejstvo, da je projekt zrasel iz krize. Posledica takih tektonskih sprememeb so tudi inovacije, ki se največkrat rodijo is stiske. Zdi se, da je podobno tudi s Convento, ki je otrok krize kot izvrstne priložnosti za testiranje novih idej in formatov dogodkov.

10th Conventa – Boldly Onwards Together

Anniversaries are an opportunity for a sober reflection of what we have achieved, where we have got to thus far, and/or whether changes have occurred due to Conventa.

My personal thinking is further focused on the fact that Conventa grew from the 2007/2008 financial crisis. Innovations, which are often born from difficult times, can also be the consequences of such tectonic changes. It seems that this is also the case with Conventa,

10 Years Of Success At Conventa

The crossroads of knowledge and good practice

At the end of January the jubilee 10th Conventa Convention will take place in Ljubljana.

The jubilee celebration will be marked by a lively programme of events and experiences, and we will also remember some of the key achievements of Conventa.

– For a decade we have been discovering new locations for organising events
– We educate

Conventa Trend Bar: Next Stop – Zagreb

After Conventa Trend Bar 2017 visited Sofia and Belgrade, we are now getting ready to visit Zagreb! On the 9th of November at 11 a.m., we will meet at the industrial but urban Garden Brewery.

What makes the Conventa trade show and our methodology so special is how we create the meeting space – our aim is to meet up in a so-called ‘festival environment’, in a living-room style set-up geared to create a relaxed atmosphere.

Conventa Trend Bar Is Ready To Hit The Road

Have you been asking yourself how to shape your events in a less boring, more interactive and more dynamic format?

Do you know how to change habits of your participants? Are you informed about the techniques of moderation and interaction with participants? Are you aware of the technological and other future trends?

Meet us at one of the listed cities and get all the answers!