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The premium taste experience at Conventa delivered by SORA Catering

//The premium taste experience at Conventa delivered by SORA Catering

One of Conventa’s highlights by which it differs itself from other meeting industry trade shows is an outstanding Conventa networking dinner.

Traditionally hosted by CD Congress Centre this evening event was in hands of SORA Catering. About 500 business guests were invited to this dinner party with high networking expectations.

Selected catering setting, furniture and quality lighting were unified to create a trendy ambience in this outstanding CD Congress Centre reception hall.

Ambiance and culinary offer had to create a suitable environment to support guests’ needs. SORA Catering used a corporate hospitality catering concept. This type of standing reception is suitable for business receptions at the highest level.


SORA Catering offered an amazing culinary experience. A special service plan was made according to the organisers programme and according to the expected flow of guests in the hall. Food counters were placed in a way that most effectively accelerated the food distribution at the end of the official programme. Chefs cooked live in front of guests with illuminated counters giving show cooking a special effect. The food and wine selection followed the guidelines of Slovenian gastronomy, along with local and regional dishes made in a contemporary and sophisticated way.

A special highlight in the catering service was the performance of star chef Luka Jezeršek from SORA Catering and his colleague chef Karim Merdjadi from Atelier Karim. They are both judges at MasterChef Slovenia TV series. “I am always happy to be involved in SORA Catering events. Luka and his team are passionate about creating unforgettable events and it is a pleasure to be a part of them,” explained chef Karim Merdjadi.

Guests could relax in the lounge area created by Hiša vizij in the frontal part of the hall. After a tasteful culinary experience this was a great starting point for the Conventa after party.