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57.540 EUR


These are the heart of Conventa. Only those who have a serious interest in the region and a real purchasing power are invited to the event. Every year we decline over 200 applicants who do not meet the strict criteria of qualification.

Fact: According to Conventa statistics a minimum of 10% of all actual meetings are transformed sales in the long run. On average this means 2.2 successful meetings with us. Taking the assumption that it is a one day event with 50 participants, who according to Ljubljana Tourism analysis spend EUR 383,60 (without transport to the destination) per day, this means that specific yield of the trade show is on average at least EUR 57,540 per exhibitor.

[zozo_blockquote footer_text=”” position=”left” animation_type=”none” animation_delay=”500″]Conventa promises to stay a boutique trade show focused on quality, not quantity! So ensure your place on the meetings industry map and continue to be part of the Conventa magic.[/zozo_blockquote]

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For more information about rebooking the stand please write to:
Mrs. Natalija Bah Čad at or call us at +386 1 430 51 03