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Zagreb’s historical locations: for memorable events

//Zagreb’s historical locations: for memorable events

Photo credits: Ivo Biočina

If you are looking to organise receptions or gatherings in a special ambiance that will provoke an emotional reaction in the participants, opt for exclusive historical locations.

Every convention, small gathering or reception is a sort of an escape from the humdrum, an opportunity to meet new people or renew contact with old acquaintances in different surroundings, and widen professional knowledge.

Can a meeting, cocktail party or promotion be an event to remember? Yes, if you opt for the exclusive Upper Town locations in Zagreb where, thanks to you, the past meets the present. At the locations that have witnessed events important for Zagreb and Croatia, at locations equipped with original furniture, their walls adorned by valuable paintings, any gathering will gain in value, and you as host will show your business partners how highly you think of them.

Golden and Illyrian Halls, Dverce in the Upper Town, Croatian National Theatre, National Archives, Arts and Crafts Museum, Mimara… all those locations have long histories and exclusive interiors. That is why many organisers choose them for smaller gatherings or receptions. All are close to the largest city hotels, accessible on foot and, without a doubt, represent the crown of Zagreb’s MICE offer.


Photo credits: Sergio Gobbo