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Who said wow?

MICE in Croatia / Professional, creative, innovative
//Who said wow?

Photo credits: HTZ

They are not found in any catalogue, or on any ready-made forms.

Incentives in Croatia are unique, personalised and unforgettable experiences that meet every expectation… and more, much more…

Fly, five, sail, try, time travel and return, find a gold nugget and get to know the value of team work, light the city lights, walk where emperors and kings once walked… Watch birds in flight and explore the unknown depths, take part in the grape or olive harvest, sail with the fishermen or make a champagne toast under the sea… Get inspired by the hometowns of Nikola Tesla or Faust Vrančić, the homeland of the necktie and fountain pen…, the fairy tales of writer Ivana Brlić Mažuranić… tour sites where recent hit films and series have been shot, or visit Europe’s loveliest Advent fair… how many possibilities and ideas for an unforgettable experience!

Incentives are a form of service that Croatia was made to provide. There are as many stories as there are people, the rest is up to inspiration and knowing the desires of clients and the potential of the region.

In the rich incentives segment, based on lifestyle and the characteristics of the region, you will be guided by qualified DMCs who not only have expert knowledge of the profession and trends, but also focus most of their activities on their excellent knowledge of the past and present of this region, discovering details and opportunities that are often unknown, even to the locals.

These are all reasons why incentives are exceptionally popular in Croatia, and their numbers are climbing. Inventive, creative, original ideas with flawless execution, mastered through practice, they give exactly what they were created to give. Always in line with corporate social responsibility and their mission statements, these are unforgettable experiences that will increase the loyalty of your employees and associates towards your company. As a reward and as a stimulus, these incentives aim to satisfy all participants, which in turn is reflected in their work efficiency and motivation. Nothing but the best is good enough for your business partners.

Photo credits: Maja Danica Pečanić

An Article in cooperation with the Croatian National Tourist Board