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Photo credits: Ivo Biočina

Rich history and dynamic daily life are a starting point for various interesting incentive and team building programmes. Some stories have already been told, and others may be waiting just for you.

A town with such a long tradition, numerous landmarks and stunning architecture, but also attractive surroundings, is a great choice for fascinating incentives. Opatija is located by the sea, in a beautiful bay, but also at the foot of Mount Učka, part of which is a Nature Park. Opatija has hosted emperors and kings, renowned artists, scientists and other prominent persons. All of them left a certain mark here so research of the town’s history is an excellent source of thematic stories. Many of them have already been transferred into interesting incentive and team building stories, but others, still untold, are waiting… maybe they are waiting for you…

Sailing the sea near Opatija is a unique experience, along with visits to fascinating locations of the Opatija Riviera.

The city of Rijeka, which is the centre of the Kvarner region, attracts with its urban tourism, interesting architecture, cultural monuments and events due to which it was declared European Capital of Culture 2020.

Opatija’s location enables guests to take day trips to the islands of Krk or Cres and Lošinj. The town can also be a starting point for day trips to Istria region whose present and past represent an unlimited source of incentives.

Opatija is also renowned for exquisite enogastronomic offer the exploration of which is always a pleasing and delicious ‘task’. In the town itself and in the entire Kvarner region there are numerous restaurants and taverns offering excellent food, which creates a unique experience in its own right and makes the visit worthwhile.


Photo credits: Boris Kačan