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Lifestyle: Dubrovnik at the table

//Lifestyle: Dubrovnik at the table

Photo credits: Maja Danica Pečanić

As in any other way, Dubrovnik is outstanding at the table as well: the sky is the limit! (more)

There are numerous ways to get to know the City, its culture and lifestyle. Some will choose to have a cup of coffee on Stradun, the most important street in the City, which will enable them to observe a stream of people from all over the world flowing incessantly and offering you new, always interesting scenes over and over again. Of course, one of the most important, quite reliable and always pleasant ways to get to know the lifestyle of a city is its gastronomic offer. And Dubrovnik indeed has a lot to offer and enjoy! Dubrovnik’s gastronomy is dynamic and the chefs in the City’s restaurants have started an increasing trend of reinterpreting traditional recipes. The offer is abundant so the guests can choose a menu and location. Some of them will choose taverns serving traditional local specialties, others will choose restaurants in outstanding locations enjoying two exquisite experiences – the food and the view. The best chefs will prepare for you first-rate delicacies, with exclusive specialties characteristic for this region. Taste excellent prosciutto or cheese stored in oil, octopus salad, Dubrovnik green menestra, fresh Adriatic fish, delicacies which will satisfy even the most demanding gourmet’s needs.

Excellent food will unquestionably be followed by local wines. We recommend Dubrovnik’s Malvasia, or the full taste of Plavac Mali… Precisely thanks to those tastes and beautiful surroundings, wine bars are the new places to be in the City, and they are a new way for guests to experience the City from a new perspective. Enjoy your meal and – cheers!


Photo credits: Boris Štajduhar