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Photo credits: Ivo Biočina

The beauty of Opatija as an urban zone and the quality of life in this town are the values that were acknowledged in September when Opatija was declared one of the seven most beautiful destinations in the world.

Opatija was declared one of the seven most beautiful destinations in the world during the contest for the prestigious international Golden Flower Award, presented by the Foundation Communities in Bloom (CiB) in association with KEA. 3500 destinations from all over the world were entered in the competition and 65 were nominated for the award. Only seven reached the finals and Opatija was among them as one of the two European cities in the finals.

It is difficult to single out just one thing from Opatija’s tourist postcard because this is the town which, as many business guests and tourists from all over the world have already found out, really captivates people with its beauty, infrastructure and facilities. Countless spectacular images and unforgettable experiences attract visitors to Opatija, the cradle of Croatian tourism that has precisely because of this 170-year old tradition deserved to be the location of Croatian Museum of Tourism.

The maiden with the seagull is also a symbol of Opatija and one of the best known picture postcards of the town.

Guests are happy to visit and remember magnificent parks and promenades of Opatija, above all the central park called Angiolina. It is a horticultural monument on nearly four hectares containing both local plants and those from faraway places around the world. A special feature of the park is the camellia flower, which has become one of the symbols of Opatija, even though it originates from the Philippines.

The famous Opatija seafront promenade called lungomare, which connects the town with the nearby tourist destinations Volosko and Lovran is more than a hundred years old. In Opatija you can walk down the Croatian Walk of Fame, our version of the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and learn about numerous prominent individuals who visited Opatija and are credited for its development and landmarks; you can also enjoy fantastic restaurants and cafés with Austro-Hungarian atmosphere. All of these and many other images, into which the fabulous architecture of villas and rich hotel and gastronomic offer fit in, are the reason why Opatija holds a special place in Croatian congress and general tourism. It is not only the beauty and high-quality of services, as well as year-round tourist life – where numerous international and other conventions have an important role – that make Opatija interesting to guests, but also various events and pleasant day-to-day life that brought it a prominent place in this year’s contest for the most beautiful and liveable places in the world.


Photo credits: Marko Vrdoljak