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The refined taste and the magical smell of Conventa

//The refined taste and the magical smell of Conventa

Taste is undoubtedly one of the ways in which we can feel love. It is not so unusual then that there is the old saying: “The way to the heart is through the stomach”. This doesn’t just mean to fall in love with someone because they might be a good cook, but it means that with our taste buds we can taste when someone has prepared a dish with genuine love and care.

We have envisioned Conventa as a culinary marketplace of New Europe. Through its various forms of culinary gatherings Conventa also allows hosted buyers and exhibitors to meet and deepen their business relationship. Official partner of Conventa lunch is Dubrovnik Tourist Board that invites you to Dalmatian lunch on Thursday, 19 January. But that is not all we have in store. You will be able to taste various culinary creations throughout Conventa social events catered by Vivo Catering, Jezeršek Catering and Kaval Group.

What about that enchanting smell? The Conventa scent is one of new experiences as well as the scent of nostalgia, and most of all the scent of a freshly roasted coffee. We like to share our passion for coffee, which is why we have joined forces with MK Mountain Resort, Partner of Conventa Coffee Bar.  The coffee bar will welcome you with a morning coffee and keep you caffeinated all through the long two days of meetings. The Conventa atmosphere will be again filled with the lovely coffee aroma. Enjoy!