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Storytelling lecture: A Sales Pro’s Most Powerful Sales Tool

//Storytelling lecture: A Sales Pro’s Most Powerful Sales Tool

Hugo Slimbrouck, Director of Strategic Partnerships, Ovation Global DMC and SITE Past President will entertain you with his storytelling techniques on 19 January at 11.30. The goal of this track is to improve participants’ sales skills by addressing issues specific to selling incentive travel.

Stories are universal in their use, appeal, and effectiveness—across cultures and across ages. In this course, participants will learn to craft and use compelling stories to sell incentive travel solutions to clients. Participants will learn to develop an audience profile to help tailor the story to the client, as well as components that comprise a compelling story to aid in development of the story. Finally, participants will consider positioning the story in a sales presentation and consider other sales opportunities where storytelling might be beneficial.

Telling Your Story to the Incentive Market is appropriate for sales professionals who have more than five years of selling experience in the Incentive Travel industry.

At the conclusion of this course, participants should be able to craft powerful stories as a tool for selling incentive travel to specific clients.

Catch Hugo also in Experts’ Campfire at 12.40 when he will present The Relationship between Incentives and Motivation!

About Hugo Slimbrouck:

Belgian born Hugo Slimbrouck spent his entire career in the hospitality and meetings industry. After years in hotel sales and marketing with some leading brands from 1976 to 1995, he moved to open the convention bureau of his hometown Bruges. Following this he joined the event agency sector as managing director of a medium sized agency in Brussels and moved to the MCI Group in 2006. Here he participated in the development of the Ovation Global DMC brand and is responsible for the entire worldwide network of strategic partners. Hugo Slimbrouck is a past president of SITE (the Society of Incentive Travel Excellence) and past chair of JMIC (the Joint Meetings Industry Council).