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Potica, a symbol of 10th Conventa trade show

//Potica, a symbol of 10th Conventa trade show

Celebration is crucial for every successful project. At Conventa, we’re celebrating with “potica” – traditional festive cake of Slovenia, that usually comes with nut filling, but you can also have potice with poppyseed, cottage cheers, hazelnut, tarragon etc. Potica is just like Conventa – traditional, sweet, tasty and once you have a taste, you can’t get enough of it. It also symbolizes celebration and that’s why we thought it is more than appropriate to choose potica as a symbol for 10th jubilee Conventa.

Potica recently got international attention due to Melania Trump incident with the Pope. She was accompanying the US president on his visit to the Vatican, when Pope Francis asked her: “What are you feeding him, potica?” and Melania replied »pizza? and answered »yes«.

We can’t really say that it was a very proud moment for Slovenians, but it certainly brought a lot of media attention and as they say – any kind of publicity is better than no publicity. We’re sure potica didn’t mind all the attention.

Interesting facts about Potica:

  • The cake was first mentioned by Primož Trubar (1508 – 1586), who published the first book in Slovenian language,
  • Janez Bogataj, a Slovenian ethnologist and potica expert, has called for the recipe to be given protected status using EU legislation.