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Patrick Delaney – Conventa is a stimulating and rewarding show

//Patrick Delaney – Conventa is a stimulating and rewarding show
Patrick Delaney

Patrick Delaney, Soolnua, Conventa ambassador

What does Conventa mean to you?

Conventa provides a brilliant opportunity to meet the key MICE suppliers from South East Europe  and keep up to date on new developments and initiatives relevant to the meetings and incentives in the region.

Can you share a memorable experience from Conventa that is hard to forget?

Conventa was where I met the amazing innovative social and cultural entrepreneur, artist and performer Miha Pogacnik. Miha is a great example of the innovative design of Conventa, where all of the six senses are engaged. As such Conventa is always stimulating and rewarding.

Conventa is celebrating 10th jubilee in the upcoming year. What is Conventa’s message to the MICE industry?

The show celebrates New Europe and all the wonderful experiences that are waiting to be discovered by planners who are more and more looking for destinations which are different, authentic and can provide experiences which are engaging and allow participants to access the destinations as locals.

How do you see the impact of Conventa on the region?

Conventa will continue to be the ideal window for planners into the new destinations of South East Europe which are relatively unknown outside of the region. It exposes the local MICE community to the latest trends and examples of best practise for the sector through its innovative education programme.

If Conventa were a dish, what would it be and why?

Conventa has by far the best catering of any trade show I have ever attended and I have attended a lot of trade shows around the world. The dish that comes to mind is a caramelised apple and rhubarb ripple semi-freddo. It is authentic, fresh, pure and simple yet sophisticated dish, that provides many different subtle flavours that will never stop delighting the palate. Of course a glass of wine or two from one of the many wonderful Slovenian wineries is also another treat that should not be missed.