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Networking like a pro

//Networking like a pro

Meeting new people, establishing lasting connections and having an actual face to face conversation usually has an everlasting positive impact on further business actions. We all prefer doing business with people that we actually know, right?

At Conventa, networking is the heart and soul of our event and it is one of the reasons for hosted buyers to join us at the show. Networking setup at Conventa is rich and diverse and here are just a few tips where can you meet new friends at our trade show:

  • Opening ceremony at Grand hotel Union, where you can say hi to the old colleagues and meet new ones,
  • Workshops, where you can exchange experiences, share your knowledge and get inspiration,
  • Networking lunches, where you can enjoy making new friends over delicious culinary treats,
  • Coffee corner, where you can start making lasting connections already in the morning and chat during the breaks,
  • After party, the place where you can go wild and where your new colleagues become your new best friends (and you might end up inviting some of them to your wedding),
  • Campfires, where you meet one-on-one with the experts in an intimate atmosphere and enjoy their short presentations,
  • Networking dinner and award ceremony, where the stars of the show rise.

Last but not least, nobody said anything about networking finishing at the trade show – feel free to continue after the trade show hours. And most importantly, don’t forget to follow up with all your new friends in the days after the event – this will make your new contacts solid and everlasting.