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Hoteliers and destination managers content candies

//Hoteliers and destination managers content candies

Hotels and destination managers are facing similar challenges: guest satisfaction, positioning on the market, branding, recognition, telling the story right, low season capacities, growing the number of guests/visitors … That is why we are bringing them together – we dedicated them the 2nd day of Conventa Crossover. Check out the full programme here, apply now and say: rawr.

Content candies for destinations:

  • Marc Burgdorff from Triad Berlin has 30 years of experience in tourism and he is working in the intersection of edutainment and tourism in one of the most creative agencies in Germany,
  • Eda Ozden works for MEP, leading DMC in Turkey and she will share the story of Turkish tourism, the one that boomed despite having a substantive marketing plan and that went bust without one,
  • Andriy Khudo will tell a story about how he changed Lviv with his projects – not only in architectural, but also cultural way and will share his vision of a city for the next 10 years,
  • Marina Krizman from Envy, Croatia is Senior Marketing Manager specialized for tourism industry and she will share some inspiring campaigns that are putting Croatia higher and higher on the tourist destinations map,
  • Romana Vlašić from Dubrovnik tourist board will offer us a story about impact of creative, movie industry on Dubrovnik’s tourism, opportunities and challenges,
  • John Donnelly from Marketing Edinburgh will give us a sneak-peak in how they successfully targeted USA and increased business tourism turnover in Edinburgh
  • Ingrid Rip from Netherlands will take us in the world of bidding and share her rich experience in successful bidding applications for congresses.

Content candies for hoteliers:

  • Sara Tušar Suhadolc will take you in the world of Airbnb and answer the question we’re all always wondering about: what do guests in 2017 want?
  • Živorad Vasić (IHG) will share Intercontinental Ljubljana story – what are the plans of the first five star hotel in Slovenian capital?
  • Tomo Čeh (Union hotels) and Gabriela Ditetova (Radisson Blu Belgrade) will discuss the future of hotel business, independent hotels and chains
  • Josipa Jutt Ferlan (DoubleTree, Hilton Zagreb) will share her marketing secrets: how does she deliver revenue and profit gains within a highly competitive regional market?
  • Enej Vitrih (Hotel Park) will make sure you go green and get creative with the use of space
  • Maja Dimnik (Garden Village) is revealing, why is glamping at Bled such a success