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Early Bird Registration deadline for Conventa 2018 is almost here!

//Early Bird Registration deadline for Conventa 2018 is almost here!

Meeting providers looking to exhibit at Conventa 2018 have till 15 March 2017 to register at an Early Bird registration rate that can save them from 380 EUR to 1.883 EUR, depending on the exhibitor package they chose. Why wait for a better offer if the best offer is already on the table?

The last Conventa has proven again that it is a boutique trade show with no comparison – simply the best show for meeting events and incentives in the region.

But why is Conventa better than the rest of the trade shows?
Because the organizers focus on quality not quantity, exhibitors at Conventa pay only 9 Euros for a lead which is one-tenth of the price paid by the exhibitors at other major trade shows, the show save exhibitors precious time by offering face-to-face business meeting with cherry picked buyers that are in 90 % new to the show every year. Conventa also offers networking opportunities every step of the way, a chance to gain new knowledge and a year-long promotion for its exhibitors.

What matters most is the satisfaction of exhibitors that have tried the Conventa Experience. In nine years 1.048 exhibitors from 17 countries have exhibited at Conventa. The main reason, why exhibitors attend Conventa is still opportunity to conduct face to face meetings with hosted buyers (94,4 %) and in exhibitor’s opinion, the success of their participation has been influenced primarily by the quality of hosted buyers (97,2%). On a scale from 1 to 5, they rated their satisfaction with meetings with 4,2 and thought One2One meetings application was easy to use with 4,0 points

Conventa promises to stay a boutique trade show, presenting destinations of so called “New Europe”.  Meeting providers coming from New Europe that would like to rebook their stands and those who would like to experience the Conventa magic for the first time, have less than a week to take advantage of the Early Bird Offer and register on-line.

For all further information please contact the organizer by mail at or by phone at +386 1 430 51 03.