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Conventa Meet the team: Gorazd Čad

//Conventa Meet the team: Gorazd Čad

Head of Marketing

Q: How did you get into the meetings industry?
I was first inspired by the meetings industry at Cankarjev dom, where I worked as a student. At that time it was virtually the only convention centre and PCO in Slovenia, which gave me a lot of knowledge and connections, and it was a long time infection that still lasts to this day. In the interim, I also tried my hand as a hotelier, but my passion for the meetings industry and organisation led me to start my own company which, in addition to other projects, we are co-creating Conventa.

Q: What is the most positive thing about Conventa?
It is definitely the special energy that we have managed to create at the event and for which much larger congress organisers envy us. The energy is the result of Conventa being prepared by highly experienced organisers who try to understand the buyers’ needs as well as those of exhibitors. At the same time the whole event is conceived as a boutique experience.

Q: Career high?
In my long career there have been a lot of events that could be described as peaks, depending on the period. Of the congresses, the highlight was definitely the largest congress in Slovenia’s history, the Apimondia Congress, which was organised in 2003 in Cankarjev dom. Today, the greatest challenge and at the same time greatest satisfaction is managing my own firm, and I am especially excited by changes in the field of content marketing that we are trying to promote through the production of the Kongres magazine.

Now, let’s get a bit more personal…

Q: Three words that describe you best?

Q: If you weren’t working in the meetings industry, what other profession would you be doing?
As a geographer by heart, I would probably travel around the world and write travelogues about the most unusual places I visited.

Q: If you could fly off to any destination in the world, which one would it be?
I would travel the length and breadth of Russia and explore the endless expanse of Siberia.

Q: What always makes you smile?
The morning walks with my flat-coated retriever, whose name is Bodo.