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Conventa invites students to attend Future Leaders Forum

//Conventa invites students to attend Future Leaders Forum

Students from South East Europe are invited to participate at the IMEX-MPI-MCI Future Leaders Forum.

The students attending this Forum will listen to some of the leading speakers in the industry, learn about the meetings industry and meet industry leaders. It will also give them a chance to visit the Conventa show and see how different countries promote themselves. All in all, it is a wonderful experience and all the students should find it informative and fun.

The Key Event for Career Development in the Meetings and Events Industry

The Future Leaders Forum has been developed to encourage YOU to start a successful career in the meetings and events industry. The joint initiative by IMEX, MPI and MCI has taken place globally since 2003. Gain a deeper understanding of the meetings industry and take the next step in your career:
Connect and network – Be Inspired – Get Industry Insights – Showcase your creativity

IMEX-MPI-MCI Future Leaders Forum will be held on 17 January 2017 at GR – Ljubljana exhibition and Convention Centre, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Students about Future Leaders Forum

“I learned a lot of new things, I met a lot of people I didn’t know before. But the most important thing is that I got the answer: I would like to do that kind of work.” (Conventa attendee)

“I got the feeling that I’m already on the right way. A lot of presentations acknowledged what I was thinking and dreaming before – a very good feeling, that has given me a lot of confidence.” (IMEX attendee)

“I enjoyed the elevator challenge as I got to work with people from other universities and the adrenaline that came with the challenge was great, we had to think out of the box. That was exciting for me.” (Meetings Africa attendee)

“The best memory of the Future Leaders Forum was to meet all the people. It was amazing to mingle with people that have the same passion as myself, furthermore the knowledge I gained from this experience will definitely help me in the future. IMEX America opened my eyes to all the possibilities that are out there, in addition it also showed me that it is okay to mistakes once in a while since growing as an individual means failing sometimes. What matters is what we take out of the experience and how we apply it to our future decisions.” (IMEX America attendee)