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Conventa Experiences: Gdansk Convention Bureau

//Conventa Experiences: Gdansk Convention Bureau

Gdansk Convention Bureau has been operating in Gdansk and Pomeranian since 2002. As a team of professionals we aim at helping all companies interested in organizing events in our region by providing best possible support from Transportation, through venues to direct support, like mobile application and personal assistance.


We like to use our experience and skills to the benefit of our partners. We can guide them thoroughly through the market we know so well and provide them with free of cost benefits like free event application, registration system or extras like a Tourist Card for the participants.


Meeting in Gdansk is so much more than the event itself. Gdansk and Pomerania have much to offer. How about a visit to the biggest medieval castle in the world? Or an October peek at a red and gold leaves of Kashubian region forests, from a viewing platform over 40 meters above ground? We cn even organize a fishing trip to the Gdansk Bay.


Gdansk itself is a gem in the crown of the Baltic. Over 1000 years old Hanzeatic city full of beautiful architecture and rich with history. At the same time it’s full of unique venues, modern airport boasting over 50 flight connections, restaurants serving amazing food and many hotels. Gdansk is also becoming more and more popular worldwide. 1 place in TripAdvisor European Ranking of Destinations On The Rise is no coincidence!

A nearby Sopot provides vivid entertainment and the region of Pomerania is bristling with unspoiled nature and unique venues like the biggest medieval castle in the world, in Malbork.

We are proud of our experience and recommendations from our partners who are always most important to us. We are also committed to self-development so that our city and region benefit from more events, both small and big, as the popularity of Gdansk and Pomerania rises.



Gdansk Convention Bureau
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