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Conventa exhibition floor is filling up fast

//Conventa exhibition floor is filling up fast

We are proud to say that Conventa exhibition floor is filling up fast and we’ve never had so many early bird applications as this year. The exhibitors are our guests and we treat them with respect. We love both old and new faces, that arrive to the event and share their business offer.

Thinking of exhibiting at Conventa Crossover? Hurry up and book your place. Experience Ljubljana, the capital of magical Slovenia in January, in magical time when snow likes to visit us and everything goes quiet. Except at Conventa – we like to give everyone a nice boost after New Years party.

High satisfaction rates

Conventa always ensures a high quality of satisfaction of exhibitors and invited guests. Through the analysis of the overall results, participant surveys and individual meetings with exhibitors we are taking care to improve the quality each year, understanding that this will increase the loyalty of partners and enhance Conventa reputation. The average satisfaction grade of exhibitors was in five years 4.23 from a possible 5), with the average satisfaction grade of invited guests even higher, scoring the trade show with an average grade 4.44.

Fun facts about exhibiting at Conventa:

Did you know that …

  • Every year 80% of hosted buyers are new-comers?
  • Conventa is leading B2B event in the area of meetings industry in New Europe?
  • You will use your time wisely at Conventa, with at least 22 meetings in two days?
  • You receive a database of all participating invited guests after the event?
  • We make sure to get top quality of international and regional hosted buyers?
  • We guarantee a lot of networking opportunities with hosted buyers?
  • In only two days you will have a chance to meet around 170 international and more than 100 regional and Slovene buyers?
  • Conventa communicates with more than 50.000 meetings professionals?

Who will exhibit at Conventa Crossover?

For 2018, we already have exhibitors from Slovenia, Serbia, Austria, Croatia, BIH, Bulgaria, Hungary, Italy, Slovakia, Montenegro, Greece and Germany registered, but we’re expecting even more different nationalities.