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Conventa Ambassadors – Timo Heinaro

//Conventa Ambassadors – Timo Heinaro

Timo Heinaro, CEO, Partner at Seikkailu, Fincentive and Catalyst Finland

Q: What does Conventa mean to you?

Something not to miss. I am eagerly looking forward to 2018 as due to overlapping client projects I haven’t been able to attend for a while – it’s been too long. Conventa brings time to get acquainted with new things that are available and check how the old ones improved.

Q: Can you share a memorable experience from Conventa that is hard to forget?

My memory comes from the first Conventa I participated at. For the most of the time I was surrounded by beautiful local ladies (many of them are in the region) and judging by the grin on one of my key DMC partners face he had to do something with it.

Q: How do you see the impact of Conventa on the region?

Ten years ago, South-East Europe was unknown as MICE destination and even seasoned industry professionals had wrong impressions of area’s potential. Conventa has played an important role in providing a forum where the region can showcase all of its best offerings to the buyers in one place. It is really important that the buyers have had a hands-on experience with the region to feel why is it so special. For exhibitors Conventa has opened new ways for creating contacts that would otherwise take a lot of time and effort.

Q: If Conventa were a dish, what would it be and why?

Fresh octopus salad enjoyed with a group of good friends. Every time I go to the Adriatic coastline or islands this is the first dish I eat. Fresh, local catch accompanied with wild herbs grown in sunshine and olive oil handcrafted by a family – all this coupled with a locally produced white wine. Instead of playing with Michelin stars and posh setup Adriatic coastline brings us an authentic experience. That’s what Conventa is good at.