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If seven is the lucky number, then what does that make eight? Actually, it doesn’t really matter, but what does matter is whether the eighth Conventa will once more prove to be another great show.

New Europe is an emerging region and it is a fact that it’s getting more and more popular. This year we broke yet another record, as we are welcoming hosted buyers from 33 countries, and this time from overseas too.

Knowledge was, is and always will be crucial in our industry. Conventa is fully aware of that. Every year we introduce a top knowledge component to the show for the regional industry that is complimentary. This year we are also proud to co-host the SITE Incentive Summit in Ljubljana, enabling Conventa exhibitors to learn from the very best. Alongside this there is so much more on the programme to enjoy and you especially don’t want to miss out on the musician Miha Pogačnik.

Social Media is a feature of our industry that is gaining in popularity and becoming a more important marketing and communication channel. Conventa is most definitely on trend with this as well. We are also proud to partner with Soolnua, from Ireland, to bring the region to a very new level. Please do share all of your experiences with us on social media by using #Conventa2016 and @Conventa2016, but also on #conventaexperience.

We are a Slavic nation. Hospitality is etched deeply into our DNA and the social life is an im- portant part of our everyday lives. It means we do business whilst we’re enjoying food or drinking a glass of wine. Try it – you’ll love it.

Finally, I will repeat something that I shared with you last year: We have invested all of our knowledge, our positive energy and our passion into making this year’s Conventa another success. Enjoy the moment and give your energy to the Conventa experience 2016. You can only really get it if you share it!

Dobrodošli! (Welcome!)

Miha Kovačič