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Špela Terpin: Things begin and end with people

Interview with Špela Terpin, Strategic Marketing Director at GR – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre.

Špela Terpin has been a part of the MICE team at the GR – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre (GR) since its beginnings. She has great knowledge of the industry and decades of direct insight into GR’s meetings operations and marketing. She began her professional career working as an engineer in agronomy at the Ministry of Agriculture where she learned about the necessary strategies to reach agreements in the international arena,

Conventa Ambassadors – Nik Račić

Nik Račič, Director of the Croatia Convention Bureau

Q: What does Conventa mean to you?

Conventa is a quality MICE industry trade show that is especially important for the countries of Central and South-East Europe.

Q: Can you share a really memorable experience from Conventa that is hard to forget?

There were plenty of such moments, from planning Conventa to the successful realization of the project,

Conventa Crossover moderator: Adam Fields

Conventa Crossover is a fresh, interactive conference, where we believe in the importance and power of a good moderator. This year we’re bringing Adam Fields, presenter and stand-up comedian at Masters of Moderation from UK, living in the Netherlands. Adam has performed in over 30 countries worldwide and is looking forward to visiting Ljubljana for the first time and diving headfirst into the world of Travel Marketing. Adam will find the right tone, using witty wisecracks just as easy as total hilarity.


Local transport

The organiser will provide for local transfers within the Conventa programme. Transfer will be running to and from the venue (GR – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre) to all official hotels. Transfers to and from the official evening events are also organized from all official hotels.