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The Conventa way of doing business is based on the simple concept that face to face business interaction is the most effective way of imparting information, learning about the objectives of the planners, events and providing the platform for discussing the best way of concluding business. It brings together meeting industry providers and selected meeting planners so all future e-mails, phone or skype calls also have a face behind the contact person.

Exhibitors first make acquaintance with selected hosted buyers through the online system where they can review, select and arrange appointments with meeting planners. Thus, the exhibitors and hosted buyers establish contact before the actual meeting. At the show, the contact is strengthened by a personal meeting in an unhurried environment.


Conventa provides a programme of networking that increases the potential for making connections that will genuinely add value for all participants.
The networking events provide a more informal opportunity to meet buyers, exhibitors and indeed the media. Thus they provide a wide variety of exposure to business partners that might be critical to your success. Conventa indeed offers prime opportunities for networking that helps building trust and long term relationships.


Conventa offers opportunities to gain in depth knowledge and best practice examples in subjects as diverse as meetings management and destination marketing. The guiding principle is to share knowledge and experience that has been developed through years of tradition and professional practice with those that will be shaping the future of the meeting industry tomorrow. Conventa participants are able therefore to get acquainted with the latest developments in the global meeting industry.


Conventa is committed to reduce the negative environmental impacts of the trade show by implementing sustainable practices that add value to all participants and the local community.
We kindly invite the participants to take part in our sustainable endeavors and participate in our Sustainability programme. The Sustainability programme highlights 15 sustainable practices implemented at the Conventa show and invites the participants to take at least 3 sustainable actions. In this you can help us achieve our sustainability goals and encourage us in implementing further sustainable practices.

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