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Monthly Archives: August 2017


Hoteliers and destination managers content candies

Hotels and destination managers are facing similar challenges: guest satisfaction, positioning on the market, branding, recognition, telling the story right, low season capacities, growing the number of guests/visitors … That is why we are bringing them together – we dedicated them the 2nd day of Conventa Crossover. Check out the full programme here, apply now and say: rawr.

Content candies for destinations:

  • Marc Burgdorff from Triad Berlin has 30 years of experience in tourism and he is working in the intersection of edutainment and tourism in one of the most creative agencies in Germany,

Conventa’s baby: Crossover conference in August

At every Conventa, days are intense, full of new faces, meetings, new friends, new business opportunities. During the years of Conventa’s development we realized that it is really hard to create a quality educational programme that would bring a real value to you, our participants. We’ve been trying for a while and we had to admit – there is no real time for it. This is how we got the idea – why wouldn’t our lovely community meet twice a year?

Event managers: 1st day of Crossover is for you

First day of Conventa Crossover is all about live experiences and events. Here are some of the event management treats and highlights in Conventa Crossover programme:

  • Anne Roelandt, Luc Petit CREATION is designing tailor-made shows and events all over the world. She will tell us how to bring together professionals, artists and non-professionals in order to create a harmonious event,
  • Kevin Jackson was voted as the most influential person in UK event industry.

Networking opportunities with Festivality app

We deeply care about networking and at Conventa Crossover, we will offer plenty of networking opportunities at the event. With Festivality app, you will be able to connect with other attendees, plan meetings during the event and stay in touch after the event. Festivality is also an attractive tool, that is very handy for all event organizers and at Crossover, you will be able to get a hands-on experience of the Festivality app. Learn more about this event app here.

Conventa Crossover moderator: Adam Fields

Conventa Crossover is a fresh, interactive conference, where we believe in the importance and power of a good moderator. This year we’re bringing Adam Fields, presenter and stand-up comedian at Masters of Moderation from UK, living in the Netherlands. Adam has performed in over 30 countries worldwide and is looking forward to visiting Ljubljana for the first time and diving headfirst into the world of Travel Marketing. Adam will find the right tone, using witty wisecracks just as easy as total hilarity.